Test Streep 1
Work Print 1
Work Print 2
Final Print

B& W hand processing and fine Silver printing

We want shortly to explain the reason because of we obtain the Finest B&W prints as a final result of our work.

We work at 3 different level of control on the final result:

 As a first level we control the DENSITY of the negative, while exposing the film, setting the "right-density" for
the shadow areas of the scene, applying the ZONE SYSTEM. 

As a second level we control the CONTRAST of the negative, while hand processing the film, using different kinds
of developers, setting different rates of agitation and different developing times, depending on the original contrast
of the scenes, setting the final contrast of the negative, that means we set the "right" density for the high-light areas
of the original scene, and the final grain size of the film. At this point and through the two steps discussed (exposure
that effects the DENSITY of the negative, and develop-processing that effects the CONTRAST of the final negative)
we obtain a "perfect" negative as final result, that means a negative with the right density and the right contrast.

As the third level, the fine printing, we control again the contrast and the FINAL INTERPRETATION of the print.
We are going to do different TESTs-STRIP, and then different WORK-PRINTS to test the right "grade" in contrast
for the print doing the corrections where needed.  Once we have established this, we do other different Work-Prints
to give a "Final Interpretation", giving a particular "Feeling" to final print, concentrating our efforts on elements as
the quality and the direction of light in the original scene, in order to focusing the attention on some little details than
others. As the result we obtain the FINAL PRINT. But the process has not been ended. Infact, we do a final retouching
to the print, as the "Zone Bleach" and the "Selenium Toner". As the result we obtain the Finest B&W  higest quality
print, for your wedding photos. In order to give You an example of the print process, You may see below a "short" 
(really we do more than this) sequence of: Test-Strip, Work-Prints, and the Final Print.